The 69 position is a common but personal sex position that involves straddling your partner in the back. In this position, you bring the mouth area to your lover’s genitals. This position is ideal for first-time buffs, as it’s convenient to perform. You can also make use of a firm pillow case or sand iron for extra comfort and ease.

The 69 status is an extremely hearty gender position, allowing two people have fun in oral sex at the same time. Named for its resemblance towards the number 69, the 69 position is an excellent decision for couples. While you’re presenting each other blow jobs, you should make sure to coordinate using your partner, as this will ensure optimum delight.

Also you can make your partner agree to the 69 spot by discussing this before you begin sex. It will help you get to find out your partner better and learn their desires. Additionally, it is helpful to trace your partner’s backbone and buttocks. Those tiny traces can provide you with a better notion of where your lover wants one to be.

Another way to gain this position is by getting the partner then lie on top of you. This gives you greater control and provides your partner a great view of the other spouse. If your partner has discomfort or pain while sexing, you may want to consider chiropractic treatment for any sex-related injury.

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